We are a team of problem solvers on a mission to accelerate the development of cell & gene therapy.

Bluecord was founded in 2020 to bring user-friendly software to cell and gene therapy. Comprised of a team with 20+ years of software engineering, we are passionate about creating tools that support and advance the field.

We pride ourselves on our customer obsession and our relentless desire to build the best product for you. We understand that no two facilities are the same, and we have built our modules with the flexibility to adapt to the unique workflows of every organization.

We are also driven by a personal mission to make a difference in the field of cell and gene therapy. Many of us have had family members affected by cancer and other diseases that can potentially be treated with these innovative therapies. We believe that through the development of world-class software solutions, we can help researchers and developers in the field make strides towards finding cures and improving patient outcomes.

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